5 Steps to Life Coaching Career

5 Steps to Success as a Life Coach.

1. Look at Your Current Life Situation.
Are you in a position where you could start Life Coaching part time?
Look at your current resources. These include time, money and support. Can you make a career change with the support of your family and friends? This can be a vital component of success.

With Life Coaching, you can start a new career without having to quit what you are doing now.

2. Obtain Your Certification as a Life Coach.
• You need to be trained so you will know “how” to coach and to acquire the skills to be a successful coach.
• Certification tells the community and potential clients that you are a professional and serious about your profession.
• Certification means that you have met the requirements to be certified, passed a competency exam and agreed to abide by a Code of Ethics.
• Being able to advertise that you are a Certified Life Coach gives you an advantage over those not certified, and finally,
• Whenever the government decides to start licensing Life Coaches, you will probably be grandfathered in.

3. Decide Upon Your Niche as a Life Coach.
People have very real problems and needs with which you can help. The problem for you is that very few of them automatically connect their needs with the need to hire a “life coach.” This is why choosing a niche is vitally important IF you want to actually want to make money as a coach!

To choose a niche, look at four areas of your life.
• Experience.
• Education.
• Passion.
• Opportunity.
In deciding on your niche, ask yourself this question – “To what question would I like to be the answer?”

4. Set Up Your Coaching Business.
As a professional business owner, you will need to legally establish your business. You will need the advice of a tax accountant and/or an attorney to choose which type of business structure is best for you.
Your accountant can help set up a record-keeping system to keep tract of income and expenses for tax purposes. You will need to obtain an Employee Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service, even if you anticipate no employees other than yourself.

5. Develop a Business and Marketing Strategy. It has been said that a person who fails to plan, plans to fail. Unless you have money to waste by using the “trial and error” method, you should develop at least a general plan on how your resources will be used and how you will attract clientele.

Your marketing strategy must include, at a minimum, the following:

• A Web Site.
• Domain Name.
• Blog.
• Networking.

This article is a brief summary taken from my book: Is Business Ownership in Your Future: 5 Steps to a High-Paying Life Coaching Career which you can download for free at www.NewLifeCoachingCareer.com.

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