What is Life Coaching?

life coachingLife coaching is a term that can be defined very simply as “Helping others to maximize their effectiveness in everyday functioning as well as to assist in achieving life goals.”

Although “life coaching” is a relatively new term, the general term – coaching – has been with us a long time.   Usually thought of in a sports context, the concept can be applied to a variety of professions such as business coach, voice coach, acting coach, spiritual coach, fitness coach and many, many more. Life coaching is different in that it can address any number of issues including those previously listed. No, a single coach cannot be an expert in every aspect of life but a life coach can be an expert in the process of coaching in a non-directive way so that he/she can address many different aspects of life.

The benefits of life coaching are as varied as individual human needs. Some clients want help with something as specific as losing weight or finding a job while others want to discover their life purpose. Life coaching can help individuals in career advancement, improving relationships or more effective parenting, for example. In general, if you have a goal in life, your life coach can help you achieve it.

Before you get the idea that life coaching is a “cure all,” there are certain areas that are not appropriate for life coaching unless done in concert with trained professionals in specific areas. These would include mental illness, addiction, physical illness or behavioral problems. Coaching is not a cure for physical, mental or behavioral problems but it can assist in coping with various conditions while being “cured” by appropriate professionals.

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